Sunday, December 21, 2014

Exalted Hero of Chaos - Games Day 2009 Figure

Very early in my adult hobby days, when my brother had it in him to convince me to play a tabletop game, we wanted to go to Games Day.  Games Day is an event put on by Games Workshop, the manufacturer behind Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 as well as the Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game - which we played.

Now there were 2 ways to get in for free and, given my disinterest and open mocking of cosplay, we decided to form a club and enter a custom table.  Little did I know that in the process, not only would we win awards for Best Club Table and Best Lord of the Rings table, but we would also be given a limited edition Games Day Figure.  Given that I played LoTR SBG, and not Warhammer Fantasy, I was left a little dissappointed that I couldn't simply pick a miniature of my choice from a different range.  However here I am several years later, with a newly painted figure that I still have no use for other than an interesting story.  So now you can make it yours.  It was up on eBay and did not sell, so I guess I'll hang on to this a little longer.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Dystopian Legions 2.0 FAQ is up

Dystopian Legions 2.0 is only in its second month since release, and it has not been without its problems.  I myself have encountered some of its issues.

When purchasing a box of models for example.  The rules for these models are not in the 1.0 quick play manual you could download, they are instead in a separate document called ORBATS.  These are available from the Spartan Games Download section and are supposed to be updated regularly.  The ORBATS are from 2.0, so there are several rules that don't coincide or work with the 1.0 manual.  So here I have a 1.0 manual without the 1.0 ORBATS, and the 2.0 ORBATS without the 2.0manual.  The manual is on preorder, with an undisclosed eta. So in Canada, at this time, the new tac card deck and manual are only available through the 2 player box set.

There are other interesting caueats in there too.  For example the Antarctican commandos have a model with a radio-like device on his back, that is mentioned to have a future use or purpose.  The new manual talks about having a deck of 16 cards, but only 12 are available at the moment.  The 2 new factions also have glaring holes in the army that will need to be filled sooner than later.  The 2 player box set has enough to keep 2 people busy for some time, but not enough is available to play against the prior factions, who have ironclads and cavalry or flying type units.  All of this could be good as it leaves room for expansion, but feels like holes, and not horizons with great things on the other side.  Images of 3D renders in the stores and on the website instead of professionally painted models only adds to the impression of a rushed or incomplete product.

This feels like the kind of game that will continually be changing which really makes the purchase of a paper manual something for the collector, while those looking for just the rules themselves, and in searchable pdf form no less, will likely stick with the download.

Some of this is now thankfully clarified by the FAQ they've published today, but one has to wonder how they managed to publish a manual that needed a 6 page FAQ in so short a time.  (Get the FAQ here)  At least these are mostly clarifications, and on another plus side, the core manuals for all of Spartan's games will become available for free download over the next 2 months.

December 8th - Firestorm Armada

December 17th - Dystopian Wars

January 12th - Dystopian Legions and Firestorm Planetfall

I suppose we could think of this as a release day patch like Destiny or Battlefield games require.

Also, the Russians are coming!  Spartan has promised that 2015 will see a lot of new releases and development in the Dystopian Legions world.

Monday, December 08, 2014

Avatars for Dystopian Legions Players

Perusing the Spartan Games forums has lead me to feel the need for some fun avatars.  So a little time and effort later, and I've got an album of avatars.  It is still incomplete, but I expect I should have some made for each of the factions by next week.  For now, here's a sample:

100k version
More are available in the gallery here.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Water Table Project Part 5

I've made some progress! Yay! Port Royal has been completed, though I may go back and add some vegetation and clumping flock later to make it a little more vivid.  And now I've begun to basecoat and populate Havana.

Updates will be farther apart in the future, as this is starting to get a little ridiculous already with 5 parts, and the table barely on its way.  So be sure to subscribe to find out how this all turns out.

Friday, November 07, 2014

Water Table Part 4

It's been a little while since I updaated this project, and not much has happenned to the actual table.  The edge has now been stained a dark shade to accent the water, and we just couldn't wait to use it, and so we setup the original game board on it.  It turned out to be the perfect size to accommodate all of the player boards and pieces.  Now I'm beginning to realize that the land may be a little too dominating on the table when it is scaled up, and some consideration will need to be had in how we set it up.

Working on he land masses for Merchants and Marauders, here is the island of Port Royal, with just a little bit more work to be done.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Water Table Project Part 3

Work continues on the table.  I dadoed an outside trim onto the board as a decorative edge, and support, allowing both sides of the table to be used.

For those of you who do not know how to dado, it involves cutting a slot into the board, for another board to fill.  This provides a "T" intersection between the game board and the edge.  It can be done in a single cut with a dado blade, or with several cuts with a plain blade, then chiselled out to be smooth.

Inside of the dado I put a bead of calking that will hold the board in place, and mitered the corners with a holding screw and some finishing nails. Then began the work of laying out the Merchants and Marauders land formations.
There will be plenty of space for players to keep event cards, and their own boards, while playing.  And other games can be played on different arrangements of terrain, or another layer on top, or on the opposite side.  I will update again with more details on how I will be shaping the islands, and when I have a finish on the outside edge.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

You thought you were too far into the hobby...

... And then you saw this:

Though sadly, it is not a game, but a diorama of the battle of Waterloo.  The total area covered is about 30m square, and c consists of more than 15000, hand cast and painted pewter soldiers.  This glorious work of art is the handiwork of Andre Rudolph, of Germany.

His website can be viewed here: and while in german, google can translate it.  A video tour is on youtube here:

His next project is now a medieval battle of Worringen 1288, with 6000 knights on horse, and 4000 peasants.  The battle of Waterloo took almost 8 years, so we'll see how long the next one takes.

Just think of rolling all those dice...

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Water Table Project Part 2

Josh here, and I began the painting today.

A mottled patch work of navy blue and a deep blue formed the base coat.
Then using a large sponge, picked at and torn to make it uneven, I began with a dabbing of baby blue, and turqoise.  Then using a straight side, and white, i made wave trains.

Now for the water effect I couldn't find the glass coat, and so I went with a couple of layers of water-based clear glossy varnish, mixed with a little blue paint.

There is still some more work to be done, maybe another layer of varnish and the table's edge to be attached, and of course LAND.  This will also be a double sided table, so there is also the option of making the other side, straight land, or maybe I should go with something a little more... out there.

I think it would be better to do this with a smoother substrate in the future.  Spruce plywood, though inexpensive, is also pretty rough.  Click on the images to view larger versions and you'll see the grain is still quite visible.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Water Table Project Part 1

BGMM Josh here.  A lot has happenned in my life this year, moving into a new career and moving to Muskoka.  And now I find myself sitting at a painting table with some old minis to finish up, and no table on which to play.  Given our love of Merchants and Marauders, I think it's time to finally build the table I've envisioned for some time.

The Premise:
Instead of building a land table, with rivers and ponds that sit upon it, I would like to build a water table, with land that sits on it.  The premise being that I can play sea based games, land games and games of different scale on modular inserts.

The inspiration:
Here's an instructional from the guys at Knights of Dice:

Subscribe to follow along on how this goes...

Friday, October 03, 2014

Fall 2014 Dreadball League Begins!

Our game group has started a new league this fall.  Our kick off saw only 3 players, so what better way to begin a league than a game of Ultimate?!

It was Z'zor vs Veer-Myn vs Corporation.  It was a tense game with my Veer-Myn leading, followed by Z'zor leading and then the Corporation winning in the 5th rush!  The most memorable moments included the Z'zor Guard injuring 2 players and killing 3.  One of which was a Veer-Myn guard who mistakingly thought he could get away with a cheeky slam without momentum.  The final noteworthy play was the Corporation Striker running, picking up the ball, doubling, getting a free throw, running and scoring to finish the game.

Following the game, we prepared our Rosters for the season.  Here is the Newmarket DirtyRats (Veer-Myn) Roster:

Looking forward to the coming games.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Dreadball Reference Cards, Resources and Links

Dreadball is a great game.  Whether you are just getting into it or you've been playing for a while, here are some useful links for you!

Dreadball Reference Sheets:

Mantic Official Reference Sheets
Fairly good reference sheets for Seasons 1 - 3 teams, special abilities and MVP's.

Dreadball Reference Sheets Seasons 1 - 3
The best resource for all Seasons 1 - 3 actions, special abilities and League Rules.

Dreadball Reference Cards:

Dreadball Printed Reference Cards
Wargame Vault now has official Dreadball reference cards for TeamsFree Agents and MVP's.

Dreadball Reference Cards Sheet
Printable Dreadball Reference Cards.

Dreadball Team Managers:

Dreadball Online Team Manager
A nice simple way to keep track of your team online.  It saves all of your teams and tracks MC, Game Results and Experience nicely.  Sadly, it doesn't allow you to keep track of injuries, points scored or to customize your team logo.

Dreadball Excel Team Manager
A much more extensive team manager.  It gives you pretty much everything you could want in a team manager.  It tracks player names, injuries, experience, points scored and upgrades.  You can customize your team logo and theme the colouring of the roster.  You can also keep track of league wins and losses.  It requires macros.

Dreadball League Manager (By Giochi Corsari)

Dreadball Results

Jake Thornton (the Designer of Dreadball) has posted a site that allows players around the world to track the results of their games.  This provides helpful info on how teams perform, so the more players that contribute, the more accurate the results.

Dreadball Community

Dreadball Fanatics Facebook Group
This is the best place I have found to meet other players, chat about tactics, share amazing photos and pitch designs.

Dreadball Custom Pitches

Geoff Burbidge Custom Dreadball Pitches

Geoff Burbidge designed a number of really nice pitches.

Shawn Grubaugh Custom Neo Tek Pitch
24 x 14 Custom Pitch by Shawn Grubaugh

Play Dreadball Online

How to Play Dreadball Online

Play Dreadball online using the Vassal Module.  The module has been meticulously created using top down images of painted models supplied by a wide array of players from the Dreadball Fanatics Facebook group.

Friday, March 07, 2014

My Twilight Imperium Storage Solution (Including Shattered Empire & Shards of the Throne)

My Twilight Imperium Storage Solution (Including Shattered Empire & Shards of the Throne):


2 sheets of foam Core - Dollar Store
1 white glue
2 duramax plastic compartment containers - Dollar Store
18 25 Count clear card boxes -
3 "Really Useful Boxes" -
1 Index File Card Guide -


Cut the foam core to fit the bottom half of the box.  Glue the foam core to the box. This adds rigidity and durability to the Core box.
Place each race's tokens and starting cards in the clear card boxes.
Place all game tokens and ships in the 2 Duramax containers.
Place all the Action, Political and additional cards into the 'Really Useful Boxes'
Cut the Index Card Guides to fit the 'Really Useful Box' to organize the Planet Cards Alphabetically

Leader Cards

Alternate Race Objective Cards


Ultimate Tech Checklist and Additional Player Aids: 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Dreadball League Update - February 12, 2014

Our Dreadball League continued tonight with two in person games.  One at Legends Warehouse in Woodbridge and then another following that at Pita Land.

The first game was actually part of the Slackers League, so I won’t report on that here.  The second game was Blue Suns (Marauders) vs. Envy Corps (Void Sirens).  The game was a slog, with both sides playing a hard defense.  The Envy Corps came out swinging, killing a Goblin in the first turn.  They then pulled ahead for a Landslide in the 13th rush.

Here are the current standings: (Click the Team Name to see their Roster)

Team Name
Feb 12


Team Value
3 - 0
18 – 7
11 - 8
0 - 7
11 - 12
5 - 3
Forge Fathers
11 - 7
1 - 3
3 - 11
4 - 8
7 - 0
33 – 1
0 - 7

In other news, look what arrived today!  Dreadball Azure Forest!  We are very excited to try this out soon.

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Dreadball Sunday Night Slacker League - ONLINE on VASSAL

Announcing the Sunday Night Slacker League! 
Where: On Vassal
Date: Sunday nights, February 9 - March 9
Time: 7:45 EST

League Expectations: Show up, or don't.. doesn't matter. This is a Slackers League for those of us who want to play but have lives. Essentially, we hope to set a time when people will be online to play games. And heck, lets keep our league stats!
League Rules: Current Season 3 Rules
Starting Revenue: 30mc
MVP Auction: Draw one MVP randomly from the Reference Card Deck per 2 players who are online ready to play.
Results: Posted by you and your opponent on the Facebook Group after each game.
Use the following format for posting results:

Team Name, Faction, Coach's Name, Score, Win, Tie, Loss, League Points, Kills, Team Value

Monday, January 13, 2014

How to Play Dreadball Vassal Online

Welcome to the Dreadball Online Vassal Module!
DreadBall is © Copyright Mantic Games 2012.
Vassal Module designed by Jeremy and Joshua Laverty

Special Thanks:
Geoff Burbidge for his fantastic Pitches and for editing the models and designing the Reference Cards
Painted Models provided by the fantastic community of Dreadball Fanatics!

How to Setup Vassal on your computer:
Click 'Download Vassal'
Follow steps to Install Vassal
Vassal module page:

Dreadball module HERE - Latest Version: 1.3
Download the Vassal Module (Make sure that your computer does NOT decompress it).
Open Vassal
Click 'File', 'Open Module' select the Dreadball.vmod

Play online:
Create a new game in the Active Game Window
For others to join the game, they must join the active game and then right click on the player who started the game and select 'synchronize'

How to Play:
Select ‘Player 1’ or ‘Player 2’ then ‘Pitch’
Click ‘Models’ to select your team players. Drag Models onto the board.

Move a Model: arrow keys (Up arrow moves forward)
Turn off movement track: Click mov at the top right

Turn on Player’s Number: N
Increase Number: J
Decrease Number: M

Identify Positions (Striker, Jack, Guard): P, then [ or ] to change position

Carry the Ball:
Select the model and the ball by dragging a box around them. (turn the ball until it is on the forward facing edge of the model’s base.

To see how far the ref can see, click on the Ref and press 'R'
To show threat hexes on Models, click on the model and press 'T'
To show threat hexes on Giants, click on the model and press 'Ctrl T'

Increase/Decrease Coaching Dice/Action Tokens: Select the token and press up or down arrows to increase or decrease the number.

Dice: Move dice by dragging them with your mouse.  Highlight multiple dice and click 'Ctrl R' to roll.  Click 'Ctrl U' to snap them back to the side of the board.

Draw a Card: Open your player hand. Drag cards into your player hand.

Fan Check: Drag card from the deck to the playing surface. Drag the card to your Home or Away Fans Card. They will stack. Hover over the stack to see what cards are stacked. Double click to release the stack. Right click and select ‘Mask’ to turn a card over.

Scatter Template: Click S while ball is selected. A and D rotate the scatter template

Mark Running Interference: 'R'
Mark Take a Dive: 'D'

Azure Forest:
Right Click on the Main Card Deck
Select 'Draw Multiple Cards'
Open Expansions Tab
Drag the top cards of the Main Deck to the red Discard box in the Azure Forest window
Right click the Azure Forest Deck
Select 'Send to Main Deck'
Right Click the main deck and select 'Shuffle'