Monday, January 13, 2014

How to Play Dreadball Vassal Online

Welcome to the Dreadball Online Vassal Module!
DreadBall is © Copyright Mantic Games 2012.
Vassal Module designed by Jeremy and Joshua Laverty

Special Thanks:
Geoff Burbidge for his fantastic Pitches and for editing the models and designing the Reference Cards
Painted Models provided by the fantastic community of Dreadball Fanatics!

How to Setup Vassal on your computer:
Click 'Download Vassal'
Follow steps to Install Vassal
Vassal module page:

Dreadball module HERE - Latest Version: 1.3
Download the Vassal Module (Make sure that your computer does NOT decompress it).
Open Vassal
Click 'File', 'Open Module' select the Dreadball.vmod

Play online:
Create a new game in the Active Game Window
For others to join the game, they must join the active game and then right click on the player who started the game and select 'synchronize'

How to Play:
Select ‘Player 1’ or ‘Player 2’ then ‘Pitch’
Click ‘Models’ to select your team players. Drag Models onto the board.

Move a Model: arrow keys (Up arrow moves forward)
Turn off movement track: Click mov at the top right

Turn on Player’s Number: N
Increase Number: J
Decrease Number: M

Identify Positions (Striker, Jack, Guard): P, then [ or ] to change position

Carry the Ball:
Select the model and the ball by dragging a box around them. (turn the ball until it is on the forward facing edge of the model’s base.

To see how far the ref can see, click on the Ref and press 'R'
To show threat hexes on Models, click on the model and press 'T'
To show threat hexes on Giants, click on the model and press 'Ctrl T'

Increase/Decrease Coaching Dice/Action Tokens: Select the token and press up or down arrows to increase or decrease the number.

Dice: Move dice by dragging them with your mouse.  Highlight multiple dice and click 'Ctrl R' to roll.  Click 'Ctrl U' to snap them back to the side of the board.

Draw a Card: Open your player hand. Drag cards into your player hand.

Fan Check: Drag card from the deck to the playing surface. Drag the card to your Home or Away Fans Card. They will stack. Hover over the stack to see what cards are stacked. Double click to release the stack. Right click and select ‘Mask’ to turn a card over.

Scatter Template: Click S while ball is selected. A and D rotate the scatter template

Mark Running Interference: 'R'
Mark Take a Dive: 'D'

Azure Forest:
Right Click on the Main Card Deck
Select 'Draw Multiple Cards'
Open Expansions Tab
Drag the top cards of the Main Deck to the red Discard box in the Azure Forest window
Right click the Azure Forest Deck
Select 'Send to Main Deck'
Right Click the main deck and select 'Shuffle'


  1. thank you thank you thank you

  2. This is great. We are using the module for our online French-speaking league, it's great work. Is there a place to give some comments, suggestions, etc, for module improvement?

  3. Hey, glad you are enjoying it! You are welcome to comment here or email me directly. The module was developed as a pet project of sorts, so I can't promise much in the way of support or future development. Though, there is a whole new season coming, so I will probably need to start gathering collateral to add to it.
    There is a great facebook group dedicated to the Module here:

  4. I don't enjoy it: I love it ;) In the league, we had very few trouble with it. Part of the ideas we had were:
    - possibility to add a second ball (for multiplayer games... it seems we can't clone the ball)
    - possibility to add infos on players (it seems we can change the name, but can't show it)... very useful when you have new abilities

    apart from that... it's wonderful job ;)

    1. Melchior,
      I have updated the module with the ability to name your models, clone the ball and put in a drop down with all the reference cards. Enjoy!

  5. Only just found this and it looks awesome! Couple of questions though:
    1. Melchior above mentioned being unable to add a second ball. I assume that this has been resolved for Dreadball Ultimate or is it still not an option?
    2. I couldn't find it under models or tokens, so I assume Dreadball Xtreme's terrain (the strike posts, booby-trapped barrels and larger storage crates) is still in the works?
    3. While I was looking through the models, I got an error message about a missing .png file for a prone Teraton. Figured it worth mentioning in-case that bug had slipped through the cracks at one point.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. I have updated the module with the ability to clone the ball, added reference cards and updated the models. Enjoy!

  6. Great! I'll try this out as soon as possible. Thanks for the work!